Tourism Partners

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Want to know more about our tourism partners and where all the activities are at?
Check out this partner map to see where everything is located!


Western Skies Inns & Suites

Phone: (505) 865-0001

Quality Inn & Suites

Phone: (505) 865-5100

Days Inn Los Lunas

Phone: (505) 312-5062

Isleta Resort & Casino

Phone: (505) 724-3800


Crown Boutique

Phone: (505) 865-4152

Andy's Boot Shop

Phone: (505) 633-6426

Branch Christian Books Gifts & Espresso

Phone: (505) 724-3800

Mountain Goddess Apotheca

Phone: (505) 210-2776

Tomé Art Gallery

Phone: (505) 565-0556


In Neighboring Cities


Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area

In the heart of central New Mexico, the Rio Grande nurtures a critical ecosystem, the cottonwood-willow riparian forest known as the bosque, which supports diverse wildlife and provides essential water for irrigation. The Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area project aims to restore and preserve the quality of water and habitat for the survival of local species.


Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge

With 230,000 acres of refuge and four different intersecting biomes, the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge supports a wide range of biological diversity. With the Rio Grande flowing directly through the center, the area is a stunning oasis for wildlife, a stellar research spot, and perfect for hiking and outdoor recreation!


Bernardo Wildlife Area

Known as a popular spot to birdwatch migratory Sandhill Cranes, the Bernardo Wildlife Area is another spectacular showcase of the beauty of New Mexico. The 1,675-acre wildlife area also allows for seasonal hunting, fishing, and a short hike through fields that act as a habitat for various waterfowl, elk, and more!